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2015 Year-end Real Estate Market Snapshot

For residential, single family homes, Southern Georgian Bay moved from a 2014 almost balanced market (48% of listings sold) to a 2015 Sellers’ market with 60% of listings selling. The average price for a home shows an over 6% price increase, $342,674 compared to $322,428. The biggest sales months were May through October and not coincidentally, the most amount of inventory available to Buyers was May through October as well. The majority of sales took place in the $150,000 to $300,000 price range, although the $300-$500K range soared over 2014 this past year. The price points with the biggest jumps over 2014 were $600K – $699K (33 more sales) and $1M+ (21 more sales).

Our focus will be on the 3 trading areas in which we have the most experience: Blue Mountains, Collingwood, and the areas of Clearview nearest to Collingwood & Blue. There were 1187 listings of which 724 sold – a 61% sale to list ratio (compare to 47.5% for 2014), and the average property price rose almost 8% from $417,749 in 2014 to the current $450,805.

Highs, Lows and Specifics


  • The high sale of the year was a custom state of the art home at Sunset Point for $2,900,000. 2nd in line was an eastside waterfront property which sold for $1,325,000.
  • The low sales were a small condo in Cranberry at $75,000, and 3 other small condos in the $90,000’s.
  • The average price for a resale residence in Collingwood was $369,818, up over 5% from $350,964 in 2014.
  • Sellers will note that June & Oct. had the most sales activity, Jan. & Dec. had the least.
  • For Buyers, the largest amount of choice was in June & July, the least amount in Nov. & Dec.
  • Condos – 2015 (vs 2014): 338 listed, 268 sold (355 listed, 184 sold); avg DOM 69 (70); avg sale to list price – 96.9% (96.31 %)
  • Single Family Homes – 500 listed, 360 sold (398 listed, 264 sold); avg DOM 60 (65); avg sale to list price – 96.4% (96.5%)

The Blue Mountains:

  • With no reported sale over $2M in 2014, 2015 boasted 5. The high sale was a new build on waterfront near Georgian Peaks at $2,525,000.
  • The low sales were 3 small condos at Blue Mountain, all in the $80,000’s.
  • The best months to sell were July through October, the lowest # of sales were in Jan. & Dec.
  • The most choice for Buyers was in the months March, May & June, and the least choice during Nov. & Dec.
  • Condos – 2015 (vs 2014): 228 listed, 130 sold (210 listed, 104 sold); avg DOM 123 (100); avg sale to list price – 98.5% (96%)
  • Single Family Homes – 407 listed, 206 sold (319 listed, 124 sold); avg DOM 95 (99); avg sale to list price – 94% (94%)
  • The average price for a resale residence in Blue Mountains was $620,085, up over 15% from $538,503 in 2014.

Clearview (Nottawa & Nottawasaga districts only):

  • 2014 had 7 sales over $1M, 2015 had 5. The high sale was an 80 acre 1900’s farmhouse near the Osler (Bluff) ski club and (Brook) golf club for $2,000,000.
  • The low sale was a small bungalow near Singhampton for $190,000.
  • The average price for a resale residence throughout Clearview was $362,513, down less than 1% from $363,781,618 in 2014.
  • August had the most sales activity, least activity was in December.
  • For Buyers, by far the largest amount of choice was in June and the least during March.
  • Single Family Homes – 2015 (vs 2014): 133 listed, 50 sold (131 listed, 57 sold); avg DOM 93 (126); avg sale to list price – 94.5% (93%) –

Pls note: All data has been gleaned from statistics provided by CREA’s MLS system via the S. Georgian Bay Assoc. of REALTORS® and is believed to be accurate.

For a detailed analysis of the property you wish to sell or buy, please contact us at your convenience. We are here to help and to save you time.

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